Story: Sleeping on the Roof

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Prerequisites for this Turkish Listening Comprehension Lesson

Intermediate “kendi” forms

Kendi as a noun
Kendi kendi as a noun
Kendi kendi with verbs

Passive and reflexive verbs


Using “ki” to say “that”

Introducing quotations
Using "ki" in expressions, exclamations, and parenthetical comments

Sleeping on the Roof

The following is a real life story told by O. E., shared here with his permission.


Şimdi damda üç tane halam var. Onlar damda yatacaklar. Akşam, böyle… yaz akşamı. Dedim ki ben de geleceğim.

Dediler, “Yok. Gelme.”



Gittim. Gittim, damda… yatıyoruz böyle, gece artık iki, üç. Ben kenarda yatıyorum, onlar da tabii… sırayla dizilmişiz.

Ben yuvarlanmışım. Yuvarlandım… damın yüksekliği nereden bakarsan iki, iki buçuk metre. Oradan bir düştüm! En son kendimi… (bayılmışım ama!) kendimi şeyin önünde gördüm. Çeşmenin önünde annem yüzümü yıkarken.

English Translation

“So, there are three of my aunts on the roof. They’re going to sleep on the roof. It was evening, like… a summer evening. I said I would come too.

They said, “No. Don’t come.”

“I’m coming.”

“Don’t come.”

But I went. I went, and on the roof… like, we’re sleeping, at this point it’s late, 2 or 3 AM. I’m sleeping on the side, and of course, they are too… we’re all lined up in a row.

I rolled over. I rolled… the height of the roof must have been about 2 or 2.5 meters. I fell from there so hard! Finally, I found myself (I had fainted, you know!) in front of the thing… in front of the faucet as my mother was washing my face.”

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