Words for things in a city

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Learning words for things in a city

In this lesson, we’ll help you learn some of the basic vocab for vehicles, buildings and other common things you’ll find in a city.

Apartman (Apartment building)

Bu bir apartman.

This is an apartment building.

Müstakil ev (House)

Bu bir müstakil ev.

This is a house.

Yol (Road)

Bu bir yol.

This is a road.

Şehir (City)

Burası bir şehir.

This is a city.

Bisiklet (Bicycle)

Bu bir bisiklet.

This is a bicycle.

Gemi (Boat)

Bu bir gemi.

This is a boat.

Motosiklet (Motorcycle)

Bu bir motosiklet.

This is a motorcycle.

Otobüs (Bus)

Bu bir otobüs.

This is a bus.

Tır (Truck)

Bu bir tır.

This is a truck.

Uçak (Airplane)

Bu bir uçak.

This is an airplane.

Taksi (Taxi)

Bu bir taksi.

This is a taxi.

Araba (Car)

Bu bir araba.

This is a car.

Bavul (Suitcase)

Bu bir bavul.

This is a suitcase.

Practice What You Know

Now that you’ve gotten introduced to these words for things in a city, you’re ready to practice your vocabulary by reviewing the words in random order.

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