Words for fruits and vegetables in Turkish

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Learning vocab for food items

When you first learn Turkish, especially if you recently moved to Turkey, you will want to know the words for basic food items early on.  These are some of the most common things you will encounter in your day-to-day life.

In this lesson, we’ll help you get started with pictures, text and audio recordings representing some of the most common fruits and vegetables that are found in the grocery store and at the pazar (fruit and vegetable market) in Turkey.

Elma (Apple)

Bu bir elma.

This is an apple.

Limon (Lemon)

Bu bir limon.

This is a lemon.

Armut (Pear)

Bu bir armut.

This is a pear.

Portakal (Orange)

Bu bir portakal.

This is an orange.

Karpuz (Watermelon)

Bu bir karpuz.

This is a watermelon.

Üzüm (Grapes)

Bu üzüm.

These are grapes.

İncir (Fig)

Bu bir incir.

This is a fig.

Nar (Pomegranate)

Bu bir nar.

This is a pomegranate.

Kayısı (Apricot)

Bu bir kayısı.

This is an apricot.

Muz (Banana)

Bu bir muz.

This is a banana.

Kiraz (Cherry)

Bu bir kiraz.

This is a cherry.

Vişne (Sour Cherry)

Bu bir vişne.

This is a sour cherry.

Çilek (Strawberry)

Bu bir çilek.

This is a strawberry.

Erik (Plum)

Bu bir erik.

This is a plum.

Domates (Tomato)

Bu bir domates.

This is a tomato.

Biber (Pepper)

Bu bir biber.

This is a pepper.

Patlıcan (Eggplant)

Bu bir patlıcan.

This is an eggplant.

Sarımsak (Garlic)

Bu bir sarımsak.

This is a [head of] garlic.

Patates (Potato)

Bu bir patates.

This is a potato.

Soğan (Onion)

Bu bir soğan.

This is an onion.

Havuç (Carrot)

Bu bir havuç.

This is a carrot.

Kabak (Zucchini)

Bu bir kabak.

This is a zucchini.

Bamya (Okra)

Bu bir bamya.

This is okra.

Turp (Turnip)

Bu bir turp.

This is a turnip.

Brokoli (Broccoli)

Bu bir brokoli.

This is broccoli.

Practice Fruits & Vegetables

Now that you’ve gotten introduced to fruits and vegetables in Turkish, you’re ready to practice your vocabulary by reviewing the words in random order.

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