Words for animals in Turkish

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Building your animal vocab in Turkish

When you are just starting out in learning Turkish, some of the first words you should learn are words for some of the most common animals found in Turkey. 

In this lesson, we’ll help you get started with pictures, text and audio recordings representing some of the animals you will hear most often in everyday Turkish speech.


Köpek (Dog)

Bu bir köpek.

This is a dog.


Fare (Mouse)

Bu bir fare.

This is a mouse.

DALL·E 2023-10-11 22.07.59 - Authentic-looking photograph of a basic fish with gray, white, and silver coloration, set against a seamless white background. The fish's simple and u (1)

Balık (Fish)

Bu bir balık.

This is a fish.

DALL·E 2023-10-11 19.26.49 - Ultra-realistic image of a turkey displaying its full body on a white background. The turkey stands tall, highlighting its detailed plumage, robust st (1)

Hindi (Turkey)

Bu bir hindi.

This is a turkey.

DALL·E 2023-10-20 16.28.21 - A straightforward and realistic photo of an ordinary adult goat, full body shot, captured from a side angle. The goat takes center stage against a pur (1)

Keçi (goat)

Bu bir keçi.

This is a goat.


Koyun (sheep)

Bu bir koyun.

This is a sheep.


Tavuk (chicken)

Bu bir tavuk.

This is a chicken.

DALL·E 2023-10-11 22.41.17 - Authentic-looking photograph of an adult rooster in a side pose, set against a seamless white background. The bird's appearance is slightly imperfect (2)

Horoz (rooster)

Bu bir horoz.

This is a rooster.


Baykuş (owl)

Bu bir baykuş.

This is an owl.


Güvercin (pigeon)

Bu bir güvercin.

This is a pigeon.


Ördek (duck)

Bu bir ördek.

This is a duck.


Kartal (eagle)

Bu bir kartal.

This is an eagle.


Tavşan (rabbit)

Bu bir tavşan.

This is a rabbit.


Kaplumbağa (turtle)

Bu bir kaplumbağa.

This is a turtle.

DALL·E 2023-10-11 19.50.09 - Ultra-realistic photo of a small black snake slithering against a pristine white background. The snake showcases its sleek scales and streamlined body (1)

Yılan (snake)

Bu bir yılan.

This is a snake.


Kertenkele (lizard)

Bu bir kertenkele.

This is a lizard.

Images in this lesson were generated by DALL-E 3, a text-to-image model by OpenAI.

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