Words for animals in Turkish

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Building your animal vocab in Turkish

When you are just starting out in learning Turkish, some of the first words you should learn are words for some of the most common animals found in Turkey. 

In this lesson, we’ll help you get started with pictures, text and audio recordings representing some of the animals you will hear most often in everyday Turkish speech.

Köpek (Dog)

Bu bir köpek.

This is a dog.

Kedi (Cat)

Bu bir kedi.

This is a cat.

Fare (Mouse)

Bu bir fare.

This is a mouse.

Balık (Fish)

Bu bir balık.

This is a fish.

Kuş (Bird)

Bu bir kuş.

This is a bird.

İnek (Cow)

Bu bir inek.

This is a cow.

At (Horse)

Bu bir at.

This is a horse.

Hindi (Turkey)

Bu bir hindi.

This is a turkey.

Keçi (Goat)

Bu bir keçi.

This is a goat.

Koyun (Sheep)

Bu bir koyun.

This is a sheep.

Tavuk (Chicken)

Bu bir tavuk.

This is a chicken.

Horoz (Rooster)

Bu bir horoz.

This is a rooster.

Baykuş (Owl)

Bu bir baykuş.

This is an owl.

Güvercin (Pigeon)

Bu bir güvercin.

This is a pigeon.

Ördek (Duck)

Bu bir ördek.

This is a duck.

Kartal (Eagle)

Bu bir kartal.

This is an eagle.

Yarasa (Bat)

Bu bir yarasa.

This is a bat.

Tavşan (Rabbit)

Bu bir tavşan.

This is a rabbit.

Kaplumbağa (Turtle)

Bu bir kaplumbağa.

This is a turtle.

Yılan (Snake)

Bu bir yılan.

This is a snake.

Kertenkele (Lizard)

Bu bir kertenkele.

This is a lizard.

Tilki (Fox)

Bu bir tilki.

This is a fox.

Aslan (Lion)

Bu bir aslan.

This is a lion.

Ayı (Bear)

Bu bir ayı.

This is a bear.

Practice Animal Vocabulary

Now that you’ve gotten introduced to the words for animals in Turkish, you’re ready to practice what you know.

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